1967 gmc truck question

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This truck has been in my family since it was brand new off the lot. I recently received it as a gift from my dad. Wondering if you all could help me out with more information as to what I actually have here.

What I know about this truck :

Truck starts right up and has tons of power. Just turned it into a daily driver until I can get a little gas saver.

327 v8

automatic transmission

Has custom tags on both sides

88418 miles on odometer.


Long bed

Original paint

I'm pretty sure everything is original as my family members are known tight asses.

What I have questions about.

What model is this? Super custom or regular custom?

Is it a sought after truck? What work should I do on it first to get the most bang for my buck?

Any information would be greatly appreciated as I have little to none, but am always down to learn something new. Thanks for taking time!





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"Custom" is a trim level.  Probably a better seat material and such, plus possibly the chrome grille. 


From the size of the hub caps, looks like a 3/4 or 1-ton ("20" series and "30" series, respectively).  The "door" on the lh quarter panel is for the add-on rear tank, usually added for people who pulled trailers for extended distances in one sitting.


Missing the data sticker from the inside of the glove box door, I suspect the engine is a Chevy 327 (as mentioned), with a THM400 3-speed automatic transmission, and probably a 3.73 or 4.10 rear axle ratio.  Looks like a steel bed floor surface, which can be good.


They were good, solid trucks.  Value for the higher-trim 1/2 tons can approach $25K for the higher-optioned CST Chevies.  Not sure about the base-r model GMCs, though.  GMCS were less prevalent than Chevys, due to fewer dealers, more than anything else.


Get it cleaned up and attend to any mechanical issues first.  If it's got power steering, make sure the lines and such are in good condition.




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Check behind the seat cushion and see if there is a build sheet nestled in the back rest springs.  That should provide you with a wealth of information. Be patient, if there it may be very brittle

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Posted (edited)

Might want to go on line and see if LMC Truck carries parts for the 67's. I restored my '69 Chevy Short bed and found everything in their catalog.

As for the value on yours I can't estimate as it looks like it needs a lot of work and would fall into a Project Level pricing.

I can say that if they were making GMC Short Bed's back then they are the ones that can bring the higher prices. 


I did a quick Google Search for "1967 GMC C/K 1500 Series as low as $11,495", was mentioned.

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