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Anyone got a good rebuilder for 425 Nailhead and '64 front end in Oregon / WA


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I have a one family owned California black-plate '64.  I've owned for about 6 Years. It's time for a complete motor rebuild and tweak and I just found out the guy who I was going to take it to is retiring...He was also doing the front end and other general bits (A/C restoration, Heater, Muffler system, etc...)


Anyone got any suggestions of good classic Buick mechanics in the Oregon (Portland ideally, but will travel) or Washington state.


Thanks in advance


Kind regards


Keith Temple.

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I used a reputal local machine shop in my area that does rebuilds.The guy doing the work touched base with Russ Martin(where I bought the parts)on the does and dont's on nailheads.All in about 3600 with me removing and installing motor.Hope this helps.T.Nugent road 12969...

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