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WTB 1932 Buick 60 series Heat Riser

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I need a 1932 Series 60 Heat Riser that matches with the Marvel 1051 carburetor.  I understand the 60 series riser is different from the 50 series and a 50 would not work on the 60 engine.  All advice and sources for a riser appreciated.  


My heat riser has new cracks in it and not sure if it can be fixed.  I am told they can be welded but since the riser is cast iron it will take a specialist who knows how to weld cast iron.  I understand it is a tedious and long process involving 3 days in an oven heating the part to almost a glowing red temperature, make the welds and then cooling down in an oven for another three days.


All advice or sources for a riser appreciated.







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