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Last Unread Post?

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As I can tell there are 2 methods to see posts that have been made since I last viewed a thread. One is the dot or star to the left of the thread heading and the other is the last unread button that appears after a thread is opened.  Since the upgrade, often when I click on either I am taken to random date somewhere in the thread well before I last opened the thread.  An example is in the Buick When did You last drive and old Buick thread.  When I click on the last unread, it took me to a posting in 2014.  I last viewed that thread a few days ago.  This happens often to me  in threads that have been up for a long time with lots of posts.

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Did you perhaps clear your browsing history or cookies on your computer? That is about the only thing that I can think of that would cause the forum software to think your last read post was something older like that. Other than that I have no idea.

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Nope I almost never clear history or cookies.  Interesting I am the only one with this issue. Must be something in my Chrome stuff.  Strange it coincided with the system upgrade and I never have the issue with any other of the many forums I frequent.

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