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Heidi and Her Hudson on a World Tour at Hershey 2015.

Dandy Dave

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Here's 78 year old Heidi Hetzer and I at Hershey. She is driving around the world in her 1930 Hudson 8, nick named Hudo. What a great sprit and persona she has. Very upbeat and fun to talk with. She is having clutch problems at the moment but the Hudson guys are on it for her. Wish I could just hop in that car with her and go. :D  At least she would have a competent mechanic and comedian for the ride. ;)  Dandy Dave!










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That arrow on the door pointing south from Hershey is a real good move this time of year! She's already done Asia, Australia, and most of the US. Good time to head south.


That Greater Eight has some stiff gearing. I'd squirm about taking a trip to Buffalo.


Notice it's a close coupled sedan with filled roof side panels; no many of those around.


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