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Cars collection - Maybe - For sale 1917-1937

Guest JonasGreveDK

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Guest JonasGreveDK



I have a quiet stunning collection of old American cars. 
Here's the list:

1. LOCOMOBILE 48, 7 PRS. LIMOUSINE,                1917

2. PACKARD, CABRIOLET DE VILLE, LeBaron       1928



5. CHRYSLER IMPERIAL, TOWN SEDAN,                1931

6. PLYMOUTH PC, BUSINESS COUPE,                    1933

7. BUICK STD., 4 DOORS SEDAN,                            1928

8. BUICK 90, 7 PRS. LIMOUSINE,                             1934

9. BUICK SPECIAL, 4 DOORS SEDAN,                     1937


Our family has any joy of the cars anymore and therefore we are looking for the right buyer or the right place to sell the cars?
Do you know where or who to contact?
The cars are in quiet good condition. All original. 


Hope to hear from you! 

Jonas, Denmark












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Dear Jonas,


   You have quite an outstanding collection of American cars there in Denmark. I especially like the 1917 Locomobile and the 1928 Packard, but I am not in a financial position to buy them.


   Some thoughts on selling them. You could try selling with www.prewarcars.com They have a lot of viewers both in Europe and the U.S. You could ask Johannus Dagevos for his advice. He is someone I met at the AACA Hershey Meet and he is familiar with oldtimer cars. He and I are both members of the Peerless Motor Car Club and he has a 1929 Peerless Six-61 Sedan. He lives in Kattendijke, Netherlands.


Maybe you know Rene' Petersen of Stubbekobing, Denmark. He is a car collector who is a member of an antique car club in your country called the Lolland Falsters Veteran Klub (lfvk.dk), as well as the PMCC.


Jeff Brown

Salmon, Idaho


P.S.: I typed this message earlier but it was erased.

P.S. No 2: I sent you a private message with Mr. Dagevos' address.

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Good morning , Jonas ,

Do you have a fairly accurate idea of the mechanical condition of the cars ? I see that some are on jack stands , some not. Were the cars driving when they were stored ? Do you know when each car was last started/driven ? I am very tempted to buy one of these cars , and drive it in Europe for one last adventure before I check out of here. I would not have time for a project , but some of those cars look like they might be serviceable with standard start-up procedures. Packard , Chrysler , or Studebaker 7 pass touring really appeal to me. If I were considerably younger and wealthy , I would cut you a check for all of them. I could then retire to your delightful , civilized country with a garage full of toys ! I was in Denmark at various times in '68 - '70. At that time I had a Citroen 2CV which I bought for $100. It was great fun , as it is when one is young !

Very best regards , Carl

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Yes , indeed , Jack ,

Although the cars were not parked yesterday , they do not appear to have been dormant long enough for severe damage to have set in. From my lengthy stays in Denmark in all seasons , I can say that high humidity and cold temperatures make condensation a consideration. The storage building we can see is not insulated , and the cars were obviously not laid up for proper long term inactivity. I got my little 2CV cheap because it would regularly stop running for a while. My flight training shortly lead to the reason : carb icing. I rigged carb heat , and bounced my adventurous way down to the Riviera. "Europe on $5 a day". With the strong $ , this might be the time to go. I say , take a last kick at the can while the kicking is still good , as that can will soon be a bucket ! - Carl

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Guest JonasGreveDK

Hi all, 


Thanks for the many messages and the answers on this topic. 


By now I have replied all the private messages I got. And thank you all for the interest.
I will try answering the questions in this topic in the weekend. 


A short reply on the cars condition. 

They are in very good condition. All. 

The one's on jack stands are as we call it in Denmark "cremated" - which means they where prepared for the cool before set on jack stand. The other cars have we been used within the last 2-3 years. 
I don't know if you know the term "cremated" but it means we prepared the cars for a longer period without driving in them. We used the right oil and give them 1-3 hours of love and diesel fuel to clean and they will be starting :-) 

Hope it make sense. 



Jonas, Denmark

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