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Removing generator/starter on 24 DB 4 cylinder

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I'm trying to remove the generator/starter and have no manual, so I'm a bit hobbled. Got the chain off, all the mounting clamps loose and the lock bolt with lock nut backed off but get no movement. Inside, behind the chain, it looks as though there are two rings that are intended to be driven (unscrewed) off with a hammer and punch. I'm not getting that wild until I know what I'm doing.  Can anyone talk me through it?


Also, the little lock pin that holds the master link in, is it a standard part? aminie had a little pin with a rin on the end, single pin, not a cotter pin, and it looked like it was made just for that purpose.  What am I looking for, a modern part or what? I'm sure I can get a piece of siezing wire in there, but that looks so professionsal.

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It is a special link. There is a large nut with notches all around it. There is a steel washer behind this large nut that has ears that are folded into one or 2 of the grooves so it wont loosen. Just use a punch and get those ears out of the grooves and use a punch to tap the nut loose. It is right hand threads. The S/G unit will slide out to the right. There is a ring in there about a inch thick that has the hole for the end of the S/G unit drilled off center. This sleeve is held in place with a bolt and locknut . This is the chain tightner for the chain. Dont get the chain too tight or it will wear very fast. When removing the chain link be sure to take some wire and hold the chain so it dont drop into the engine as its a trick to get it back in place without pulling the front cover off the engine but it can be done using a lath or a yardstick and a piece of wire to fish it back in place, not fun.

Hope this helps you.

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