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Four days went by with no response.

Either everyone is thinking of Hershey,

or no one has any experience with "Firezilla."

Myself, I have no idea what Firezilla is.

So while you're waiting for someone more

knowledgeable to come along, Judy, can you

tell us what Firezilla is and how it's

useful for editors?

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FileZilla is a open-source  piece of software that aids in the transfer of files. It would be used by web editors and not print editors. Usually with a web page, you upload one file or picture at a time. With FileZilla, you can upload a large amount of files quickly.


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I am using the latest version of Filezilla to push updates to our website.  Our website is not hosted on the AACA servers but we did have to change all of our Filezilla configurations from standard FTP to SFTP to be able to reach our website with the latest versions.



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Update: I tried all the fixes listed on the Internet, and nothing worked. It seems that this is a common problem that occurs after an update. There must be a bug in the new version of FileZilla.

I fixed the problem by downloading an older version. I am pleased to report that everything is working again-finally.


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