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1990 Convertible Weatherstrip deterioration

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FINALLY had my top replaced, and notice (now) that the weatherstrip (driver side) is "worn" and will certainly leak. I know I can reglue and maybe patch it OK, but I'd like a new piece from top of window down to door (am I dreaming?) Any help appreciated as always.   SEE PHOTO


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Steele Rubber has a selection of "roll goods" that might offer something "new" you could repair what you have (with appropriate adhesives and such).  Just a thought . . .


Seems like I recall, years ago, somebody mentioning (elsewhere) about using a Devcon 90 product to mold a sway bar isolator bushing on an old Desoto (or similar) sway bar mount.  It was in a tube and would require some sort of mold device to hold it as it cured.  Perhaps it might take "some time" to build-up thinner layers and then get to a final shape that would work on your Reatta?



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Guest my3buicks

Good idea, you may be able to cleanly cut of the bad section and glue a similar new section in it's place. Would not be a show solution but certainly would be a viable solution for a nice driver.

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