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So who's headed to Hershey next week?  I'm going by myself Thursday and Friday and will pretty much just be wandering around.  If anyone is looking for something very specific, whether you're going or not, I'm happy to keep an eye out for it and call you if I find one.


Hope to see some Franklin folks!!!


Scott Arnold

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Wow looks like I'll be busy.  This will be fun.  It's like finding that ONE special, hard to find gift your child wants from Santa.  You find it and put it in your cart and guard it with your life.  And it feels so good.  Then they grow up and ask for cash, lol.  Dave and Chuck, please message me your phone numbers, and I'll see what I can do.  Dave, if you have a 25 11A coupe I think we should talk...





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I will be going to going to Hershey ,looking for my. 10c. Head light rims and lenses, gas gage, Watkins stabilator ,

Speedometer, gas cap . I will be stopping at the Franklin booth so we can hook up there . My email address

Is frankbv@yahoo.com


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HI Scott

I'm looking for 

1) Watson Stabilator and bracket (not to get in front of anyone else )

2) Headlight swicth and/or whole panel

3) Fuel gauge





Pictures here- all for an 11B or similar.


PM me, and I'll get you my cell #.


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Watson Stabilators-----They are position specific.  You can't use a right front on the left front.because the mounting brackets are not the same. I THINK the right front and the left rear are the same, and the left front and right rear are the same.


Gordon Howard

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