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Is this the right cable?

Mr. Anderson

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Late last week I was searching for the unobtainable intermediate parking brake cables in thinking that my reatta needed to have it replaced (thankfully it works, the ratchet just needs lubrication.) I found one at advancedauto.com after searching for part numbers on this forum. It only cost me a little over $30. It came in today and I wanted to verify with the more knowledgable people on here that it was the correct part. Below is a picture:




It is about 33.5 inches in length, and shows some resemblance to the cable on the car now. If this is indeed correct, this can be an inexpensive repair as long as there are parts in stock.

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I was trying to answer this post hours ago but my wife kept talking to me even though I was giving her the 'Hey, I'm just a bit busy here." look.

When that happens, I know what she's saying without saying it is that if I don't stop doing what I'm doing right now, there will be H*ll to pay later and I won't even know why I'm paying it. So...


To answer your question.

The cable pictured is not the Intermediate Cable that you are looking for. It is the one they send when you order the Intermediate Cable. It is also the cable they send when you order the parking brake pedal cable otherwise known as the Front Cable.

You see, there are four cables in the Parking Brake System.


1.) Front Cable.

2.) Intermediate Cable

3.) Left Rear Cable and...

4.)  Right Rear Cable.


There is a Master System whereby once a mistake is made in the cross reference index of the Master System, any and all vendors using said Master System will send the Front cable anytime an Intermediate Cable is ordered. That’s the bad news. The good news is that when you order a Front Cable, you will in fact receive a Front Cable. Ta-Da!! Sooooo… If you were to order a complete set of all four cables You would find in the box sent to you, Two Front Cables, a Left Rear Cable and a Right Rear Cable. No two ways about it my friend.

This has been going on for years now so it's apparent that once a mistake is made in this Master System it will not, cannot, shant be fixed by anyone, by any means or any effort great or small.


I tried to purchase one through the Reatta Store in the land of OZ.

I whined and complained like a spoiled little girl to the Great and Powerful Ronnie over this issue and even he could make no gains against the Master System.

His message to me regarding the acquisition was "Nobody gets to have an Intermediate Cable... Not No way, Not No how!

After much fussing and knashing of teeth, I was instead sent on a quest by the Great and Powerful Ronnie to find and return with the gearshift lever belonging to the Wicked Witch of the FLAPS.

We all know how that story ends now don't we. The Great and Powerful Ronnie floats away in a balloon and I'm stuck with a burnt gearshift lever whining about going home to see Eminem.


Now Brett, wasn't that answer worth waiting for? Hmmm?


John F.

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I was working on changing out the rear on my car and I got to thinking about this cable. Anyway, I searched and found my note about Wagner P/N BC129671 being the correct part. I did a web search and it looks like it might be available in Canada at www.thewrenchmonkey.ca/products/auto-parts/wagner/bc129671 for $26.06. I don't know if that price is Canadian or American dollars.

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