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1923 Big Six hand crank


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Ladies and Gents


the attached pictures have to do with the threaded part that screws onto the crank and probably helps retain the vibration damper on engine.  The manual has no discussion on this part. I am not sure what to call it perhaps clutch part or hand crank drive coupler???? anyway it came off all by itself....


comments please...








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Similar but different to the one used on Pontiac engines.  In the "Pontiac Six Repair Parts List" GM calls it "Crankshaft Starting Nut".

I am a firm believer in calling all parts their correct name (ie: I have never seen a "pumpkin" in an automotive manual) but this time I don't know what response you might have if you asked for a crankshaft starting nut.

I saw this book advertised on ebay and bought it, not knowing what is was exactly but knowing that it was about my car.  It is the same slze as an operators manual but with 98 pages.  Fantastic illustrations.  I have seen them on line for other makes. If you ever see one for your car you should buy it.  Great reference material.

By the way mine had a heavy duty lock washer between it and the balancer.  I don't know how tight is should be but it took a three foot bar to unscrew mine.  When I put it back on I torqued it to 100 lbs.

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It is an original Studebaker production. There are a few around but fairly rare and no one has picked up making reproductions yet, although I offered that to Faxon and never received a reply. I have seen some "copy machine" copies and have one but it's several hundred pages long.



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