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Searching for NOS or Direct Replacement Parts on Ebay

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I can't be the first person to bring this topic up, but hasn't gotten to the point that searching for parts for your car has become totally useless on ebay? I have two 40 Buicks and decided to see if there were any parts worth buying for my cars. I started in the "Interior" section and came upon dozens of listings showing bucket seats with the statement " fits 1940 Buick". I went through all of the sections and outside of the Brakes section found only a few legitimate  listings for my cars. Is there a method for cutting out all the " fits..." listings in ebay?

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I've had similar "search results" too, but for different vehicles.  It's all of the "universal fit" stuff that might not even have any relation to the vehicle you're wanting to find parts for.  Gotta be some way to filter that stuff out, but it probably has to do with how the items are put into the eBay system.


Sometimes, the order in which you enter your search words can determine how the search engine does its job, just like in Google or similar.  It might help to first list one search criteria and then use later words to further define the search items . . . but how ti works can be variable.


Might just try Google first, then click on the eBay items it pulls up?



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To eliminate the universal items - the ones that don't even come close - from your search, click on the advanced link in the upper right hand corner of the screen.  When that advanced search screen appears, type the word "fits" into the text block for 'Exclude words from your search.'  That will eliminate those universal items.  Stay on the same page and click search.  Or study the page and refine the search further.



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