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Going to Barrett Jackson in the morning


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I see 3 1st Gen and 2 2nds up for auction.  A 63 already sold for 45K, it was black on black with 19/20 rims.


Curious to see what the others go for, they are more stock.


Will get a good look at them, if anyone would like details let me know and I will check specifics or take pics



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It was a driver.  Under hood was typical usage, clean but you could tell it was driven alot.  Brand new voltage regulator, stood out.  Drivers seat had a 6 inch tear in the outboard seat back bolster.  Paint had a random fisheye  here or there.  Underside was clean, someone restored it and it was smooth sheetmetal, no undercoating.


The black car was nicely done, big wheels, nice factory looking interior.  Was missing the passenger side console white cover on the light and the front fender stainless trim was reversed, drivers on passenger side, passenger on drivers side.  Paint was flawless, definitely a weekend show car/cruiser


The blue one was the one that scared me, it was less than half the price of the other two.  So I combed over it.  For a three year restoration project, there was already rust bubbling in right rear quarter panel, the vinyl roof had bubbles all around the rear window.  The paint looked good, the interior was nice, factory looking restored.  The underside was old undercoating.  I can only assume the low price was because of the light blue exterior color.  I expected more than the 21K it went for.

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