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1965 Riviera Gran Sport on CL for $23,900


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Looks like it could be a pretty good deal


1965 Buick Riviera Gran Sport, Super Wildcat engine, 425cu. in. w/ dual 4 barrel carburetors producing 360 HP and 465 Ft. lbs of Torque. Runs very strong, Odometer shows Approx. 55,000 miles, Overall condition suggests this could be correct, Buick advertised this as the "Banker's Hot Rod". Power Steering & Brakes, A/C. NO RUST western car, Original Green color Re-Paint w/ Original Green Delux interior. Good tires, wire wheel caps and Original chrome wheels with car. 1965 is the only year with the clamshell headlight covers. This is a classy big Riviera, Bill Mitchel's best design.    





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                     Thanks to cjp69 for scanning craig's list for everyone and posting up the Rivieras for sale.

Looks like the prices on the Craig's list cars are a screaming bargain for the most part. This car is a great deal for

a GS if it isn't rusty.

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If one is seeking an original GS, or at least the substance of a GS model, first things to consider are engine codes, matching numbers, trans code, rear dif, etc.....these "high points" will determine basic value and then move on to the finer details. As I mentioned above, some very basic info needs to be acquired before drawing any value based conclusions.


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Hi Guys, It's my car you're talking about.  I bought it a few months ago and just joined the ROA.  Something else has popped up that caught my attention, I'm very easily distracted.  A Packard Street Rod of all things so I was considering selling the Riv. (although my wife has fallen in love with it).  A ROA member just stopped by to evaluate the car and I discovered the engine does not match the number on the door piller tag.  I didn't even know there was a tag there.  The car does not have Posi.  I conclude it's a clone but that said, the condition remains very good.  I guess the good news is that if it doesn't sell, I'll be keeping it.  I have 3 Fords and this Riv. so I'm learning, however with the exception of this one year GM body Style I wont drift over the Ford fence.  I'll be looking to the ROA for technical (and spiritual) guidance in this endeavor.

Didn't mean to mis-lead


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Hi fellas,


I stopped by this afternoon and here's some additional information.  Please share you knowledge with Steve.  He's a very nice gentleman. 


VIN:  494475H922063


Engine Serial #: 7K1130483


Engine Code:  KW 462 


Options Tag:



ST 65-49447  FB 122056

TR 620           JJ


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  • 3 years later...

I am like Steve. I just bought a 65 Riviera myself.  I know only what I am readying from you guys. How do I known if I have a GS or something special.  

St 65- 49447    FB 157919

TR 629     VV      EXTS-2K-4F-5W

So what can you tell me.  2  4barrel  or what. Engine which one. Help if you can

And Steve,  awesome looking car.



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Some things to look for:

NOTHING cosmetic - do not base anything on badges, the dual snorkel air cleaner, or the finned valve covers. These items can easily be obtained off eBay and added after the fact. They need to be part of the total package put do not base your purchase on them.

An LX code engine w/ Engine Serial Number that matches the VIN

A BS coded transmission

Proper date code on the 2x4 intake manifold

Aluminum tag on the distributor that ends in 1058

Proper carburetor numbers for 1965 - 3645 and 3925 - front and rear respectively

3.42 positraction rear end.

2-1/4" exhaust pipes (not tail pipes) with smooth radii

Dealership paperwork on anything that doesn't comply with the above.

Do as much other research as possible.  Be well enough informed to know your facts and don't buy into any "special builds" or "one off" cars. 

YOU be the expert on the spot.


It's late and I may have forgotten the correct numbers and left out a few things.  Good luck

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