PA Year-of-Manufacture Plates on Non-authentic vehicles

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(bolding mine)


That's my belief , too.

Alabama has a similar ordinance.

I was filling the Roadmaster with gas the other day, A lady asked me where the car show was. I replied, "Wherever I decide to drive it"

Unfortunately the state and the insurance company go by their definition and interpretation and they don't give a damn what your definition is! Wayne

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Benefits of AACA Membership.

Pennsylvania missed the point on a few issues related to Antique and YOM plates in my opinion.


1.  I tried to register my 42,xxx original mile TR4 as an antique back in 2008 prior to restoring it, but PA would not allow it.  PennDOT said that because there were two large touched up paint spots on the right door the size of my fore arm, and had faded to a different shade of green, I could not register it as an antique.  I was at the PennDOT headquarters in Harrisburg when this happened.   This car was a perfect candidate for HPOF at the time, as it was all original except for the air cleaners and generator replaced with an alternator.  Now they went to the total opposite extreme and don't even require a photo.  It they had kept the photo requirement, but not interpreted the condition of the car to that extreme it would have been better in my opinion.


2.  PA used to require front and back license plated up until the mid to late 1950s, but when they passed the YOM plate law they only required one of the plates on the rear whether the year originally required one or two plates.  I think this was a big mistake for years that originally required two plates, since you could register your car with a YOM plate and put it on the back and someone else could register their car with a different straight Antique plate number on the back and just display your YOM plate number on the front.  When I add a YOM plates to my cars I alway get both plates, if appropriate, and display both on the car.  This way no one else could be running around with my plate number on the front of their car.

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I have not yet explored year of manufacture plates in Arizona. where I live I'm exempt from smog inspections and I just buy the standard plate. $65 for five years. but I do hear that with a 1967 or newer vehicle in Phoenix and Tucson a historical vehicle plate and perhaps a year of manufacture plate gets an exemption from a smog inspection ( that is required in those counties). by the way I run old plates that came out in originally in 1980. Arizona has a provision that allows you to transfer your plates to another car... example: I have a 1980s style plate on my 2012 daily driver. a much better looking plate ( and much more durable) than the latest standard issue. people don't notice (or at least seem to notice) the lack of year of manufacture plates on my cars as long as I'm running the older 1980 plates

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