Location of hidden VIN(s) on 64 Riviera

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You might have to take the stance with the CHP (if it's possible) for them to prove that it's NOT the car for which you have a title.  If they can't disprove it, then in essence they've proven that it is in fact the car for which you have a title and they should give it their blessing.


Ed; We live in Kalifornia. That ain't gonna happen.

Quietliion: I had this very same dilemma when trying to register my '63 last year after many years of storage, without registration, in Calif and the owner living in a care facility in Utah. Seller had to have Utah DMV sign that the car had never been registered in Utah.

Go to a DMV office and ask for the form used for verifying VIN by CHP inspection. Might have to give them a story about car not being drivable to get the car in for inspection and you want to have all forms necessary. I had to raise my request to a supervisor level. DMV website has downloadable forms but local DMV gave me one. On that form there is a place where any CA sworn peace officer (Local Cop, Sheriff, etc) can attest and sign that they inspected the info and the car and attest and verify the vehicle's ID. There are so many stolen cars in CA that DMV is trying to do what they can to catch them.

Now, the rub: it may be difficult to find a sworn officer to do this unless he is a pal. It took me three weeks and four trips to DMV before the job was done so be patient and don't scream at them. They get lots of that and they are immune. Good luck.

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Those California State Troopers must have a real CHP on their shoulder. 

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