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Need prayers


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OK put the new power steering pump on car. New pulley stops about 1/4 way on. Put old pulley on. Torqued down. Added PS fluid. Is pouring out seal between resovoir and pump (bought as an assembly). R&R with old resovoir and a new seal. Doesn't leak. Start engine. No PS. Pulley has backed off shaft. So now have too small and too large pulleys.


Is there a way to shim ? Am tempted to just add a bolt and washers on end of shaft. Needs a woodruff key.


This is getting old fast. Prayers welcome as I try to find yet another pump. 

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3:30 am (cooler now) and the too-tight Dorman pulley is back on because the original was rubbing on the high pressure pipe when I used a bolt to hold. Could only get on about a 1/2" using a 12" 3/4 wrench to tighten so tip is recessed about 1/4" and there is a slight misalignment on the idler pulley. But pleanty of clearance now. Wonder if I should space the idler out a tad ?


Has anyone else experienced this ?

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I have not. I think I alway bought the pump with a new pully already attached.

I probably have an assembly out in the garage pulled from my '88.

You are welcome to it for the cost of shipping to FL.

Let me know if you want it and I'll go rumage through the garage for it.

I think I know where it is but thinking and knowing are two different things.

I've got Thurs., Fri., and Sat. off so I'll have the time.


John F.

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Thank you but this morning with a longer wrench I was able to pull in another 1/8" and not sure I want any closer (about .030") to the high pressure pipe. Idler is still misaligned but is better. ALso does not seem to be leaking now. Yay ?



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