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Looking For An 88-89 Instrument Cluster

Guest JesusMode

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Guest JesusMode

Looking to purchase an instrument cluster for my Reatta.

This is the last part I need to finish the restoration on this amazing vehicle i've been working on for the past few years now.

I have searched everywhere locally and have only found one 86 Riviera but unfortunately the cluster had already been removed.

Anyone who is selling one or knows anyone who is selling one please contact me at my email at: danmerlino000@gmail.com

Thank You to anyone who can help me finish this restoration :)

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Worth pointing out that the 86-87 Riviera cluster will NOT work in a Reatta. It looks the same but the data stream it expects to see from the BCM is different and it will only display "error" if installed in an 88-89 model. The Rivi and Reatta did use the same cluster in 88/89. I would add that the 86/87 Rivi cluster can be cannibalized for the lens, four pushbuttons and the VFD display board if needed to repair or refurb an 88/89 cluster. The power supply and logic boards however are not interchangeable.


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