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parts to rebuild 65 riviera 3.23 posi 3rd member and gears

Red Dawn

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I am contemplating the purchase of a used 65 riviera 3.23 posi 3rd member and gears to replace a 65 riviera 2.78 non-posi 3rd member and gears. The key word here is "used". I have been told that the teeth on the gears look fine and everything spins normally. Anyone know of a rebuild kit or parts for the 3.23 posi and gears. As I will be using this in my 56 special with a dual quad 401 and a switch pitch TH 400, I plan on keeping the dropout center from the 65 rear end.

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Most all for these rears is 'used' as there are few new parts to be found. However, they are pretty stout and failures aren't much of a problem. 'Drop out' rears are easy to change, so I'd just go ahead with the swap. BTW, I've never found such tall gears as 2.78 in an early car. With Buick torque, I like 'road gears' myself and have some 2.56 from a '70 225-not your type of differential tho-good luck.

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