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Can you move a transmission for me?

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Forgive me if this isn't the proper place to ask this, but I can't seem to find anyplace else that might be better.

I bought a transmission for my Airflow last fall located in Southampton, Mass. A friend of the family was going to pick it up and deliver it to the Fed Ex office in Springfield 16 miles away. They'll Pack it and ship it on my account. The fellow's father got sick, he moved across the country and the transmission never got picked up. The seller is old and feeble and unable to move it.

I'm hoping someone in the area might be willing to pick it up and deliver it to fed ex. I'd pay a reasonable amount for your time and expense. You don't have to pay anything to anyone, no scam involved, it'll all be on my nickel. The transmission is drained and wrapped in plastic.

If you might be able to help please PM me.


Gene Gruender

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They will, at least fed ex will, but it must be packaged. It's a little more than the old guy is up to, either moving or packing. It was sold as pickup only, I assured him I'd find someone to do that. Today I talked to two local companies who would "ship anything, big or small" and one won't, one wants as much as a small car is worth to do it, admitting they had no expecations of me having them do it.  I am not that concerned with losing what I paid for it, but  fellow is rebuilding my original transmission and we can use the overdrive parts out of it to restore the original. I realize this is a long shot, I was just hoping someone lived in the area and I could make it worth an hour or so of their time.

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I would suggest that you call some of the people that advertise on the Western Mass Craigslist. Might find someone that will pack it and take it to like R+L depot or to a Greyhound station.  Greyhound might not be the quickest and you have to got to a bus station to pick it up, but, they will transport about anything.



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I am aware fed ex will do that, they'll put it on myaccount. My problem is getting it to the fed ex office. 


I talked to a taxi company this moring, I think they are going to do it. I'l know in a few hours. Local courier service wanted $495 to take it the 16 miles. Really.

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Just to close this out, I called several courier services. One, who's ad says they can move anything big or small anywhere, said they don't go there (16 miles away??), one wanted $500. 2 taxi companies wouldn't even talk about it, and a third picked it up and delivered it for me for cab fare!

Then, fed ex boxed it, sent it off and their terminal sent it back. Said the local scale was off and it was too heavy.

I was then stuck with it in the fed ex office, who wouldn't store it, and had a couple days to get it, thought I was going to have to drive up there. Found out my fed ex account is good for letters, fed ex ground but not freight. Local office got a quote of $495 to ship It. In talking to fed ex freight, they would add freight to my account, but it would take a few days. In the meantime, they gave me a courtesy rate of $160, picked it up that evening and it's it's trip.

What a mess, what a lot of time and calls. But it's done.

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