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1929 Fargo Czech Rep.

Guest Black

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Hello to all gentle men.

My name is Miloš Černý, or simply Black. Yesterday I bought most likely 1929 one ton Fargo truck here in Czech Republic in very good restorable condition and it looks like start of my fulfilled dreams. My work is renovations of old stuff cars and bikes, mostly world war two American and German, so I have some image about work and money at all that proces. Can annyone here help me with info about this truck? Spares, gauges, carbs, distributors atc? Anny info will be appreciated. Only think What I know just now about it is six in row DeSoto engine, Chrysler chassis and Northeast electric Co. electric components like starter, dynamo, speedometer ( in kilometers/hour ). Here is some pics. And sorry for my eanglish. I will be glad for ANY help. Thanks.




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