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62 buick dash. removing vent indicators, and relay


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anybody tell me how to get these peieces out of the front of the dashboard of a 62 leSabre? i have pics of front and back of dash. i cant get the little 'cups' in back out that hold the light bulb. also this relay, has a resistor with a wire wrapped around it. anyone know if a regular relay will work w/o the resistor, or, what the value of R is for it? . also for the horn relay, will any relay work for that as well? they want an arm and a leg for a stock one.


the pieces just have nuts as shown over the studs. they studs were binding by just catching the studs on the holes. a screwdriver on the end pried them off easily. i was just too afraid of breaking them.  the relay had nothing to do with the radio. it had A LOT to do with the car starting. the car would not start w/o the relay connected. it still worked with the wire around the resistor broken.





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