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64 Vacuum Diagram Error???


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So I've been doing my homework for a number of small projects while waiting to clear the garage and ship my Riviera to me.  I ran across www.chip.com and at the bottom of the dual stage vacuum diaphram page I find this:

NOTE: The vacuum diagram in the '64 shop manual (Fig. 11-80) is incorrect. The diaphragms are reversed; the one labeled "Heater & Evaporator Air Door Dual Stage Vacuum Diaphragm" is actually the "Outside & Recirculated Air Door Dual Stage Vacuum Diaphragm" (and vice versa).

Is this true?  I replumbed my vacuum system as part of getting my console and HVAC head back in place.  Never tested it but this would be good to confirm since I have to pull the console to replace a shifter cable and repair the ears.



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Ed started a thread on this a while ago.  The link is here:  http://forums.aaca.org/topic/246911-1964-ac-diaphragm-routing/?hl=%2Bvacuum+%2Bdiagram


I'm in the middle of re-installing mine after cleaning it up and installing two new vacuum diaphragms in the engine bay (AC car).  Post any issues that come up and we can compare notes.

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