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Does anyone know a current source for this Material

buick man

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Looking for a source to obtain this material as shown in the photos below.  These photos show pieces taken from between the rear bumper and body off my 57 Buick.  Shown is the flap piece that the gas tank neck goes through and serves as a splash guard of source when refueling.  This same material is the flap that goes over the top of the distributor cap.


The material appears to be a type of bituminous \ rubber coated fabric as the strands of the material can be clearly seen upon inspection of the photos.


If I cannot find this material out there, I will reuse these pieces.  However, I do need the one that goes over the distributor.  I have measured an original on at one time and it measured 6 inches x 9 inches if memory serves me right.


Let me know if any of you have previously sourced this same material.


Thanks in advancepost-99409-0-28937800-1442807364_thumb.jpost-99409-0-03494700-1442807369_thumb.jpost-99409-0-18680400-1442807372_thumb.jpost-99409-0-43927000-1442807375_thumb.j

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Thanks fellas.  So it is called Masticated Rubber !  


So Smartin, Did the CARS inc sheets look like the photos shown ?


Apparently the type or formula used by GM during this era, used " striated free floating fiber strands " in the admixture design while the sheets I can currently locate apparently use a sort of homogenous  admixture thereby rendering a finished product whereby the free floating striated fibers are missing.  


Thought perhaps I could  located some current copy cat look-a-like sheets or some old stock rolls of this the proper material.


So the safari continues …. 

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Well in this case as well, fiber is good for us.


In all truth be told, it is down right A-retentive to expect the rear bumper flaps to be bits on correct but I have to stand firm that the distributor flap definitely has to be on the money correct.  Therefore guess we will have to hunt down an original distributor flap and reinstall my rear bumper/gas flaps.  


WTS: Wonder what it would take to reproduce this in small batch sheets ?? Go to the junk yard, grab a rat rotted thread showing old tire, skin and peel off the threads, cut up then get hold of some rubber liquid kit and a cookie pan sheet and make your own.  Use some carbon powder to pinch it to the right black and voila !! - Who knows - - - -

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