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1953 Super Riviera help

Bob Engle

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I have the opportunity to purchase a beautiful 1953 Super Riviera.  The Condition is stunning.  My problem is I don't know anything about 1953 Buicks so I can't determine the correctness of car.  There are no 1953 tech advisers listed in the BCA.


I would like to discuss this with someone to help me make an educated determination on this car.  Please pm me as I would like to have a phone conversation  with someone that has a BCA or AACA award winning car to give me a quick education.  I will be seeing and driving the car on teusday.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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....My problem is I don't know anything about 1953 Buicks so I can't determine the correctness of car.....Any help would be greatly appreciated.....

For starters, re: correctness issues from what can be seen.....

1.  Engine compartment in Pic #2 shows a complete four-barrel oil-bath air filter while Pic #3 shows just the base and a paper-element filter.....missing the silencer. 1953 Supers came OEM with a two-barrel carburetor. Was the intake swapped out or a different year 322 c.i. engine transplanted?

2.  Missing the 2-piece battery surround and cover plate.

3.  The defroster core inlet housing, air intake tubing, and inspection panel behind the windshield washer fluid jar are too shiny. 

4.  The painted-red inner fender wells and brake drums are correct only on certain color 1953 Model 76X's.

5.  Might be missing the under-hood insulation...OEM was yellow insulation.


Re: desired features.....

6.  Power steering.

7.  Power brakes.

IMO:  keep looking if the car doesn't have either one.


Re: high maintenance items.....

8.  The 40-spoke K-H wire wheels.

9.  Hydro-Lectric system (power windows and seat) but few Supers had that factory option.  


Have the owner put it on a rack and check out the underside for any surprises (bad rockers, thin/weak floors, bondo patches, etc) and oil leaks (at rear main, Dynaflow transmission, and differential carrier/rear axle housing/rear wheel oil-seal areas due to lack of a rear axle housing breather).


Bring along a strong magnet. :)


Good luck.



Al Malachowski

BCA #8965

"500 Miles West of Flint"

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Thanks for the response Al.  I've got a lot of due diligence to do yet.  I'll post more pictures this evening.  I know 32 Buicks and 60 Buicks, but I don't have any knowledge on the 53's.  I don't need another project car and I am sure the price will be above a driver value.  If it takes too much to get to a BCA or AACA car, I'll have to pass on it.  I hope to be able to bring it to my shop and get it on the lift for a good underside inspection.


Again thanks for your assistance.  I thought for a moment nobody would respond.  Please don't be afraid to be critical,  you won't hurt my feelings and I will feel better about whatever my decision ends up being.


Bob Engle

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I passed on the car.  No power steering, no power brakes, electrical converted to 12 with alternator.  Much of the window glass needs replacing, blistered and discolored. Poor quality interior restoration.  They did not have the original wheels and hub caps.  


The car would be a nice driver, but way too much work for points judging shows.  


They haven't come down to earth on the price.  


Thanks Al for your assistance.  I'll now go back to my search for a quality 1917 D45.  I've had the urge to add a touring car to my garage. 


Bob Engle

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