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Water Jacket How to clean

Guest PetePontiac

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Guest PetePontiac

I removed my radiator to get cleaned.

What can I clean my motor water jacket with ?

There is rust & etc. stuff lying in there.

Is there a solvent to bath and soak the water jacket with.

thanks PP..

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I used a power washer in my engine also...lots of sand and rust particles around the cylinder sleeves.  It was a big mess but the rear cylinder was about half full of mud.  I used wires to get back were the pressure washer was having a hard time.  I think you need to physically remove the sand & rust, a chemical answer would also eat the block at the same time.


Make sure you have a water distribution plate if your car had one!  Most of them were steal and rusted completely gone, check with someone who is an expert on your engine.


What I did different was after I put the engine back together I picked up a house style water filter about $30 at any home center, you want a clear unit (higher melting point) and temporarily put it in your heater hose.  The 5 micron filter worked great, completely filled my filter twice before it ran clear.  Best part is it cleans the engine while you are driving and if it gets plugged you do not hurt anything.  My engine never even comes close to overheating anymore.  Use the old fashion green antifreeze nothing fancy just the $10 non-mixed stuff and change it out every 5-7 years (that is a another story)

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