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Throw-out bearing pullback spring issues - 1937 Dodge truck


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Wanted to ask if anyone has had this problem, and may have any suggestions as to a fix. Just got my 1937 MC running as part of a frame off restoration. Was pulling it out of the garage to burn off the oil in the driveway, and seems that the new clutch grabbed for a few seconds. I heard a "clank" after which the clutch pedal was rather soft. 


The pedal spring is OK. Took the lower cover off the clutch and can see that the return spring on the throwout bearing sleeve came off. It's dangling from the mounting bolt, and getting it back on the sleeve looks to be impossible without taking the drive shaft and transmission out. The sleeve also rotated, and once I turned it back into position, the fork prongs lined up where they are to engage it. But, when I ran it again, it rotated. 


The spring is a NOS part, and as far as I know is correct for the truck (got it from Len Dawson). In any event, I am going to take the access plug out on the top of the bellhousing to see if I can get at it from this port, but not too optimistic that will work.


Just wanted to ask if anyone has had this experience and has any suggestions. Also, somewhat concerned that if it came off once, it may do so again. Any other source for this spring??




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If you have a top clutch cover like earlier 30's you must take and access it there as the spring hooks under lip of cover and to arm bearing . Hope your floor come out easy or you'll need a good mirror . Look at Daphane restore thread pg. 40 see hole top cover off third bottom off center hole is where spring goes.

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I have a 32 and this may not be the same setup you have, but as I recall my 48 Plymouth had a similar design.


As ArticiferTom says, the spring should be hooked into a small hole on the bellhousing and then is trapped by the bellhousing access hole cover.  It's a bit hard to take a good photo of this area, but you should be able to see how it works from these shots taken with the access cover removed...






If your spring came loose, you may not have the cover on correctly as it should trap the spring securely.  This is assuming you do have a cover. :)


Hopes this helps.

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Thanks for all the feedback. This model uses a transmission (bell housing) that doesn't provide any access to the spring. Have been thinking about this, but when the dust settles, will probably have to drop the drive shaft and transmission. Hell, for a novice, I'm getting good at this!

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Like I said, I'm getting really good at taking this stuff apart :mellow:

Well, got some help today and dropped the drive shaft and transmission. Wasn't the easiest thing I've dome lately. Was able to get the spring back on and installed the loops on the ends with the open end facing the direction of rotation, so that if the throwout bearing bracket sticks and rotates, it will pull along the length of the spring, and not slip it off the attachment points. Also bent the ends closed a bit. Drove it around in the driveway and all seems to be working OK now. 


Put this one to rest, and make a note about the next time we assemble these parts!

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