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Power Door Lock


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On my 1990 coupe the driver power door lock sometimes will not fully lock or unlock. Seems to work better when put in drive locks and when put in park unlocks then with the remote. Sometimes works perfectly while at other times unlocks about 90% of the way and I must use key. Coyld it be the activator or something else. When using remote yoy can hear the click by the latch

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Guest my3buicks

I have found they start doing that when they get gummed up - I have sprayed WD-40 with the straw into all area's that I can get to including behind the power lock button  and lock slide and toggled the switch a few times and things work very well.  I think it was my black coupe that the passenger side wouldn't work at all and after doing that it never gave be a bit of problem again.

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