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Vintage Glidden tour pennants

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Not sure if this is the correct place to post this but I have glidden tour pennants from 1972  # 148 and 1976 # 169.  I was wondering if they are for the same car and what car?


Also have a old pennant "Stevens Duryea C Six" 


I think I got all of this stuff together.  Was wondering if the Stevens participated in these 2 tours?  Were is the Stevens now? 


Thanks for your help



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Guest studepeople

I went to the Oklahoma City Glidden. My wife and I managed 3 days of the tour and went home. My car did fine and had no issues. I know that a great deal of planning and hard work went into this tour. But having a "metropolitan" tour in a "town" of almost 600,000 population turned out for us to be very stressful and not fun fighting the traffic. We enjoy back road touring where we can run our car without the constant stop and go traffic lite and stop signs we had to do on this tour.....

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