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Help vinyl roof 46-48 LC


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Restoring a 46 Lincoln Continental that has a vinyl roof on original build sheet  Have been in LCOC since 1959 and never seen one.  Any photos would help.  I have seen 41's and heard of post war but never have seen one.  Any help greatly appreciated.  Lee. 

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Guest Bruce Nussman


Last year I mailed you pictures of my 41 LC with vinyl top and pictures of one on a calendar. Please make a copy of build card showing vinyl top over steel top installed at factory and mail to me. Let me know if you receive any different pictures from your post.

Bruce Nussman

5627 ST Isabel Dr

Jacksonville, Fl 32277

904 744 0670

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Received your 1941 coupe with pictures, I have also seen the Woolworth 41 coupe with padded top but I am working with Dave Bunch who has a 46 with a build sheet that says it had a factory added roof cover. He has had it since 2001 and it is going thru a complete restoration. It has been talked about in old copies of LZOC

. I am doing the upholstery and wanted to make sure I was doing the top original. It had been removed before Dave got the Car in 2001. Thank you for all information. Lee

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