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Trying to ID this Wheel


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These look like the ones I had on my 1935 Auburn 6cyl Brougham. I ended up with 2 different types of wheels over the years and they looked the same when the hubcaps were on, but one type was more dished than the others, spacing the wheel further out on the hub. As you are aware the bolt holes on the Auburn 8 had a different stud spacing to the 6cyl.



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Hi Viv, these wheels are identical to six cylinder Auburn, except the hole for the hubcap is smaller.  In reality, an early style six cylinder wire wheel hubcap will fit nicely in this rim. 

If I knew exactly what these rims are from, it would be a viable alternative for the guys that can not locate the late style hubcaps. 

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Hi Curt. As you know, I bought a set of 5 of these from you recently and they fit the Auburn drums I have perfectly, i.e. 16" wheel and have 5x5" bolt pattern. I'm looking for 6&5/8" hubcaps (hole size) if available from anyone regardless of make, as I plan to modify them if necessary to suit my application (Chrysler CD8 Roadster hybrid?). For those interested in interchange info, the 34/35 Auburn drums fit perfectly on '30'31 Dodge/Chrysler axles and spindles/bearings, as evidenced by my "hybrid " which was fitted as such in 1950's.


Most of my research concludes only GM (Cadillac down through Pontiac, but not Chevrolet) used 5x5" bolt pattern through the 30's, Ford/Lincoln using 5x5,5" early 30's, Mopars using 5x4.5" throughout 30's for all models, i.e. Chry, DeSoto, Dodge, Plymouth, and some other makes also using 5x4.5" such as Studebaker, Hudson, Willys (later 30's) etc.  Only internet site I am aware of which shows these details is "Carnut". However they do not provide info on hubcap opening size. 

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