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Buick 350 engine Santa Clara, California USA

Guest JerryG

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Fewer than 30K miles on a grocery-getter 1971 Buick Skylark Custom since its last rebuild. Never raced or used for off-roading.  


Many replacement parts: TA stage 1 intake manifold; very new Edelbrock 650 cfm 4-barrel w/electric choke; K+N filter and breathers; new MSD 6A module, MSD distributor and wires; Jacobs coil; iron heads pocket ported and gasket matched; ARP bolts throughout; 9.5 compression pistons bored .030 over for 355 displacement; double roller timing chain; high-quality Hi-Rev lifters, rocker arms, cam bearings, etc., from companies such as Poston and TA Performance; Crane cam - strong torque, smooth idle, and decent gas mileage; almost new polished chrome 100 amp alternator; very new fuel pump; replaced water pump; includes Jet-hot coated headers. The headers are somewhat flattened from speed bumps, but still flow great without leaks.


I am not including the external fan - you could install a replacement fan to the front - and I am not including the radiator.  I assume you will want to purchase new hoses and belts. Other than those and a battery, it is nearly turn-key. I used Royal Purple 10/40 or 20/50 oil most of the time since the last rebuild. While it runs great with plenty life remaining, there is a slight oil leak of undetermined origin; some nights a few drips, other nights zero drips. That and my preference for fuel injection and larger displacement are my reasons for sale. The block could also use repainting.


I'm asking $1000 which is a very good deal considering that you would pay much more for the individual components in combination. I don't negotiate or barter, so if you must argue and negotiate to a lower price, please look elsewhere. I am also asking that you pay the shipping or deliver from Santa Clara to your preferred location.


I can supply a short video (<20 MB mp4) of the engine running 9/13/15 to your email.


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