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1939 Buick Special 4 door sedan new glass

Bob H

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Same old story, bought a 1939 parts car and among other things included was a bunch of new window glass. Curiously, it would be a complete set but the front wing window glass is not there. Must have missed a box of stuff when I picked the car up.


I'll take $275 for what I have, you pay the freight. Note: I live off US Hwy 30 in northwestern Oregon state. Hwy 30 ends in Astoria, Oregon or roughly the Pacific Ocean. As a retired cartographer curiosity led me to the Eastern terminus of Highway 30 in Atlantic City, or roughly the Atlantic Ocean. Neither I nor my bride have ever seen the Atlantic Ocean so around the 24th of this month we are going down our driveway to US 30, turn East and go look at the Atlantic Ocean.


This glass wouldn't take up much room and we could arrange for someone to pick it up along our track, US 30. We also intend to take in the October swap meet at Hershey, PA which becomes another possible pick-up site.


1939 Buick 4 door sedan glass for sale:


Windshields, a pair

Front door glass, two

Rear door glass, both

Rear quarter windows, left & right

Back Glass


The glass is in new never installed condition. Want to sell all at once, insist on it in fact.






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