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Hello you all:


I'm seeking for a complete engine or engine block of a dodge brothers truck of 1929, like the one you can see in the pictures attached.


Thank you very much for your help

Looks like a victory 6 motor. (generator on the passenger side)

I can not identify the cab. I have a 29 DB truck and my radiator shell is a match.

Do you have a frame number or vin number?


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It is the same 7 main bearing motor that was used in the Senior Series of cars The water jacket on the left side of the engine is different on the Victory engine Also the water outlet is not the same as the car type engines Also the Victory engine has 2 valve side plates and the Senior engine has 3 side plates  Ron

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Here is a table of engine codes take from the "Master Parts Book"

The 2249 is an earlier Senior 6 listed as the larger 27-28 models and the 2252 is later 28-29. Not sure of difference. The Victory 6 and the DA 6 were used in lighter trucks.

I have a DA 6 in my original 29 DB "E" series and it appears identical to DA 6 from a 29 sedan that I acquired.


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