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Model T Ford - Motoring Over Ben Nevis - 1911 Rare Footage

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As publicity stunts go, this 1911 ascent up all 1,344 meters of Britain's highest peak in a Ford Model T takes some beating - fancy taking a Prius for a spin on the moon? The idea was to show that this 'affordable' assembly line American car could more than match the hand-crafted British models (note the American flag at the end of the film). Interestingly, the film starts at the snowy summit and seems to capture the tricky descent rather than the climb. 


Behind the wheel was Henry Alexander Jr, the son of Scotland's first Ford dealer, and between the 9th and the 13th of May, with much planning, the steady ascent was made. Looking at the churning tyres and the odd spot of dynamite along the way the prevailing thought is perhaps "You did it!... But please don't do it again."


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I loved the 1911 video as my Dad has a 1911 Touring that was the first car I drove at age 13. He is now 88 and we had it out last week. My Daughter live in Perth and we stopped in NSW on they way back last year. Spent a Day with Maxwell and Packard owner north of Sidney.

Tom Muth

Cincinnati, Ohio

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