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2 Weeks In the Life of A Michigan Car Guy (A Buick Filled Adventure)


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I moved to Michigan a little over a year ago in the midst of the worst winter Michigan had seen in some 30 odd years. To put it bluntly, I was depressed and wasn't afraid to show it (ask Larry Schramm, he'll tell you ;) ). Little did I know what awaited me when the snow finally melted. Having experienced almost 2 full Michigan summers I can now say that Michigan is THE PLACE TO BE for a car guy!! I am absolutely overwhelmed by the scope and variety of car-related activities to be experienced here. From the myriad of museums, to the amazing historical automotive sites, to the nightly cruise-ins 7 days a week, to the top-notch car shows, there is never a dull moment in the days of summer. There are so many events and happenings, I literally cannot do them all and after two summers still have not experienced everything.


Now, that being said, my Dad (whom some of you know) is a car guy too. Sadly, when we moved to Michigan my folks were not able to follow. As much fun as I have at all of these car events I often think how much my Dad would love to be here for them too. Especially since I end up attending a lot of them alone. Well, this summer I decided to bring him up here for a two-week long, full-fledged, CAR GUY VACATION. To say that we had a blast would be an understatement. A few of my favorite quotes from my Dad while he was here.


At Bricks Flicks-"I have NEVER in my life seen so many classic cars and hot rods in one place."


At Vinsetta Garage-"This is one of the best burgers I have ever eaten in the coolest restaraunt I have ever seen."


After riding in a 1915 Buick truck- "That was an amazing ride! I can't believe how good that truck runs! You'd never think something that is 100 years old would still be running down the road that good."


Cruising Woodward Ave. the day before the Dream Cruise- "Look at all of these cars and all of these people just sitting on the side of the road to watch them drive by. It's amazing! This could only happen in Michigan. It wouldn't work anywhere else in the world".


I think he had a good time but I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.



Day 1-Stahl's Automotive Foundation Chesterfield, MI & Comeback Inn Cruise-In Milford, MI

Visited the collection earlier in the day then cruised the Buick out to Milford that evening.







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Day 14 Time to Go Home

Made the long trip back to Georgia.


I had an UNFORGETTABLE time with my Dad. When I first got my Buick we we worked together on it almost every day and always enjoyed each others company (well, almost always, lol). I have missed him a lot since moving up here to Michigan and this was a great experience. I also want to thank my wife for putting up with the two of us for two whole weeks! Lol. I'll leave you with my favorite photo. Hope you enjoyed this account. I know I have. Miss you already Dad!


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Guest my3buicks

I see the Y-Job in a photo - I noticed it sitting beside the millionth Corvette while they were working on the Corvette in a recent video release - must have been doing some work on the Y as well.

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As much as I enjoyed your car pics and jealous of the two weeks of car experiences, it touches me the most that you got to experience it with your dad! :D


I managed to have a long one day car experience with mine last summer, driving from Windsor to New York State (south of Buffalo), picked up a complete motor and rad for our 1928 Whippet to explore a rebuild and came back through Ohio along Lake Erie into Michigan all in one day with my then 90 year old Dad. Seems he had done a similar trip around Lake Erie back when he and Mom were first married in 1951.

One of the best days of my life (and his too I think)! 


 Take advantage of every moment you can with yours. Life is too short.....


p.s. Reeaally liked that 58 Wagon!

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The BEST part is that YOU, YES YOU, had the need to include your father, and took the time to ENJOY, period. 


I rest my case,


Dale in Indy


P. S. My father was with Buick for nearly 60 years, and I never attended a single show with him, he was always to busy, sad, but like someone said,  "GOOD or BAD, after 48 hours MOVE ON."  I have moved on and forgiven..

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