Roger Walling

Kids fascinated by my older car.

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We were ALL kids ONCE, sure some are wild, but so were MANY of US years ago.


We owned a hardware store for 20+ years, a man came in often with his two boys, he always said as they walked thru the door, "OK BOYS, HANDS IN POCKETS", I always got a good laugh out of that.  Years later a fellow approached me in a store, and said, "MR. SMITH, REMEMBER ME, HANDS IN POCKETS".  He seemed like he really grew up to be a fine young man.


Times have changed, Henry Ford knows such,  He once said, " IF I ASKED THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANTED, THEY WOULD SAY FASTER HORSES. 


Dale in Indy 

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I speak about this often with my car buddies I hang and go on drives with, most of whom have vintage Mercedes coupes like mine or W113 (Pagoda SL). Every time I'm out and about, little kids, maybe age 5-10 or so, really stop, stare, and get googly eyes. I'm sure they have NO IDEA what this car is, tho some astute kids actually name it, by the hood star I'd guess, but they are probably just enthralled by all the chrome on the tall grille and layered bumpers. Cars today just don't have those massive chrome grilles and details anymore and kids like shiny things or anything new-to-them.  Next most popular group, women. Middle-aged ladies really go out of their way to compliment me on the car, followed next by teenage girls for some reason. Next is elderly or at least senior gentlemen, many pointing out they had a similar car or rode in one their parents owned. The group that almost NEVER comments, acknowledges or sometimes even go so far as to glance then quickly look away, turning their whole head away while their wife and kids eyeball me down the street, is 40's-50's aged men. I personally think it's that competitive nature of men, "you have what I want or don't have therefore I won't give you the pleasure of my acknowledgement." Who knows, but I have caught myself doing that too in the past without even realizing it, and it's all I can figure out. Humans... silly creatures.

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