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1960 Electra 4dr hardtop


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I just got this car in my shop and am selling it for a friend.

1960 Electra 4 dr. flat top

Best driving old car I have ever driven.

40k miles

Factory AC (A5 compressor leaks)

One lacquer repaint

Gorgeous original chrome

All doors shut perfectly

Dash is perfect, but the seats are worn

Engine compartment needs Smartinization, but very drivable

More pics available soon.

Asking $14,950





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And thats probably the top of the market for it in that condition.  Fixed front seat and working AC would do it well.  Also, lots more photos would make the guesstimate more accurate.  Tom Z just had his black Electra 225 4 door Riviera on ebay a couple times in similar condition, and it would not sell at $8750. 



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Guest my3buicks

I would say this one would be a good guide - probably very similar except for A/C.   If it were a 59 you could add a few grand.  It would also help a bit if it were a 225 




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I agree with all of you.
I have three things going against me on this:
A) My friend doesn't need to sell, which always raises the initial asking price.
B) This car is better than the two examples you guys listed.
C) Unfortunately, I love this car. My 63 Cat drove great. This car drives even better.

I am definitely going to take a bunch of pics, and make everything look (and act) as good as it can. Then list it online on a few places.

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Guest my3buicks

More pictures would be great - there is nothing to say that if the car is nicer than we have in our heads that the price can't go up some. 

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Ebay is the new Craigslist and if you ever listed anything on Craigs you know the kind of offers you get.  We would spread it out onto various sales sites and build up the originality, lacquer paint vs. nail polish clear coats, and that no spray cans have raped the engine bay !

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I am surprised I didn't see this post when it first came out. The car looks familiar. Maybe it's the style.


I bought my first one in 1966, about 4 weeks before graduating from High School. It was a black Invicta and I was 17. I had that waiting to drive when I came home on Navy leave.



Then, 30 years later, I got the white Electra.


I drove it in, generally, original condition for about 8 or 9 years with and average of $600 annually in upgrade and maintenance. Then I puled the rear end to replace a u-joint and found a hole bunch of jobs that had accrued over 50 years, about $7,000 after the brake job and second set of new tires were included to the list. And I still add a little into the total each year.


The prices above are asking price or speculative, maybe even based on the idea that everything has to be bartered for. The low end is actually quite close to what I told my wife to sell it for as a widow. Buying from the guy who did all the work under the shine is going to happen at a premium.


They do clean up nice.


Before I spent the $7,000.





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