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What kind of car is this?

Guest Kbrower28

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A few years ago, there was someone of note who pulled pretty good fiberglass molds of a '33-34 Packard coupe/roadster and was selling them to anyone who wanted one (I think he also did some convertible victorias). I don't know how many are out there, but there are more than a few and they're pretty accurate at a glance if you build the rest of the car using correct parts. I would guess that this is one of those fiberglass bodies coupled with a bunch of non-authentic parts (that grille and those headlights are dead giveaways and pretty painful). To someone who knows Packards, it's comically wrong, but to most folks, it just looks like an old car. The general public, as I've learned, has pretty poor taste in cars and doesn't really care about authenticity.


The one in Bernie's video link is also one of those cars but much more accurately done, at least externally. I know of at least one '34 Packard coupe/roadster running around at local shows here in Cleveland that's completely authentic except, of course, it used to be a sedan and now uses a fiberglass coupe/roadster body. But without rapping your knuckles on it, you probably wouldn't notice because the rest is pretty danged good. Not that I approve of such a thing, but there it is...

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