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A little electrical help for my 24 Roadster

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I recently bought a 24 Roadster, great little car. Runs, drives and stops well. The only problem I have to worry about is the starter.


It was built up by a mechanic, he died of a brain tumor about 3 years ago. His sons tell me the starter worked, but they think he worked on it again and messed something up when he wasn't doing so well. They tell me the starter worked well on the bench, but when they put it back in, nothing.



The answers to a couple questions might keep me out of trouble.


I'm looking at the wiring diagram in this post:




and it shows it to be negative ground. Is this correct?


It also shows the starter/generator grounded. Is this a strap or wire, or just the fact that it is bolted to the motor?  In addition to the post that has the cable from the starter switch (which is more to the left of the unit) there is another post closer to the motor, which only has a copper strap to itself. What is going on with this?


It's probably expected, but it also doesn't charge.


It does start with a simple flick of the crank, but it's a pain to put the plug back to keep dirt and rocks out of the pan.


Any pointers would be appreciated.

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Welcome. First, that wiring diagram appears to be around '17 - '18 which would indeed be negative ground. Your '24 would be positive ground. The starter/generator is self grounding via that strap on the terminal without the wire affixed. It is also VERY important to make certain there is a ground wire from the GND terminal on the starter switch back to the ground point on the transmission. Your problem could be either in the starter OR in the switch assy. with the cutout relay etc. Likely it would not show charge if it doesn't start either. Under NO circumstance should the engine be run without a good connection from the power terminal on the starter to the battery. Good Luck. You could leave me a personal message. Rodger "Dodger"

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Thanks to Rodger "Dodger" and some technical papers he sent, I've got the starter figured out.


First there were some connections not the best. After cleaning all that, it would turn over, but not fast enough to start. Then not at all. 12.8 volts on the input, ground on the output told me whatever wasn't going on was not going on inside. A quick inspection found new carbon brushes, not the copper brushes it's supposed to have.


I have 3 more generator/starters here, tomorrow I'll get into them. Surely one has a good set of the proper brushes. If not, they'll get ordered.


Thanks Rodger.

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