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64 Riviera body trim removal


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Search for the new engine is still in progress. found a block in PA and waiting on the refi of the ranch before I can purchase it. (no the rebuild of the 64 Riviera did not cause the refi of the ranch. :-) )


I have moved on to stripping the car of rust and getting it ready to shoot Epoxy Primer. need some help with the trim removal.

Not sure on the best way to remove the Quarter Belt Reveal molding or the lower body trim.

these are the 'Bath Tub' clips??

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My car had a repaint over some really heavy primer.  I found that using aircraft stripper got it down to bare metal faster than anything, but it also removed the factory primer coat.  If you're an ROA member, look in a Riview for the name and phone number of the guy who is the tech advisor for paint and body.  He'll head you in the right direction.



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Thanks RivNut, I am a member and will take a look. I have found it difficult to find info on that site.

Unfortunately I am removing a lot of rust. someone had once stripped the roof, hood and trunk and left it bare, or gave it a light coat of red primer.

tops of the doors also have rust. so far the roof has been the main problem. good news is that there is no pitting. the window trim, both front and back, is another story. back has a few rust holes that I should be able to weld up. if not a little fiberglass putty should do the trick. front is really corroded, and I am going to hit that, along with the rear, with a lot of rust treatment.

the passenger side front floor board needs replaced along with both sides under the rear seat. once those are done I am going to spray rust treatment all over the inside. front and rear windows were leaking and there is a lot of rust inside and I want to neutralize it ASAP as I have everything tore out. 


the tricky part is the underside of the hood and trunk lid. there is rust stains along the reinforcement ribbing. trying to figure a way to get some neutralizer inside there to stop it from rusting from the inside out. might have to by a few gallons of neutralizer and soak it in the water tank.


anyway, I thought of hitting the rest of the car with the Aircraft stripper, that stuff removes just about anything. Just a little paranoid of getting it all cleaned off before I hit it with the epoxy primer.

would like to get it in primer by the end of September. then work on the body. only small dings here and their. except the driver side rear quarter, that had a nice 3/8 layer of bondo. a little more body work and it will be less then 1/4 inch. then onto the floors, body bushings, engine, interior..... does it ever end...... :-) 

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You sound as if you've been looking at my '64.  It was full of surprises; especially since I had it shipped up to my place from AZ.  I think the guy originally owned it in the salty Midwest to get the rust started before moving to the desert so the sun would crack all the rubber and bleach out the upholstery.


If you have a tank big enough to dip an entire hood in, let it soak for a couple of weeks in a solution of 9 parts water and 1 part molasses.  There's a couple of videos on YouTube that show the process.  Soak them for a week, take them out and hose them off, use a wire brush to help in some of the stubborn places, then set it back in the solution for another week.  Pretty soon, it will be completely rust free.  Then you'll see all of the tiny holes that you hadn't seen before.  After you wash the parts off with a power washer, you spray some rust inhibitor on them. If you use the one that the guy in the video uses, it will also give the metal a zinc coating.






PS - I did this to a power seat frame that was totaled.  It came out nice and clean BUT be forewarned, the molasses solution is not nice to pot metal.  It ate away all of the threads on the gear box on the seat frame that runs to the seat transmission.

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I found that video too. that is what gave me the idea of using the big water tank I have for the horses.

I also found an article comparing different methods of rust removal, molasses came in last. However with enough time it seems it would do the trick


hard to tell how bad the underside of the trunk and hood are. Can't really see what is going on behind the framing. If I don't do something now it will become a problem later for me or someone else.


also, I looked in the Riviera volume 31 july/aug edition and did not see anything on tech advisors. will look again today as I read over stuff when I am in a hurry. if you have the page number can you point it out to me.  


I am trying to get a coat of epoxy primer on the body before the weather turns bad. down to taking the door skins off to remove the finial trim, handles and door locks. would like to know the most efficient way to paint the doors. Skin on or off.?

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