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Rare Cars at Upcoming VanDerBrink Auction - Boone,IA

Hudsy Wudsy

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There is a VanDerBrink auction coming up on Sat 9/26 in Boone, IA that offers many fine and rare autos. As I perused the auction list the first time through, I stopped a couple of times to confirm that this unique collection was in fact being offered here on the prairie.  I won't even bother to mention any of the vehicles specifically, but I'm sure that many of you will find that just reading all that is offered interesting in itself. Here's a link to the site:





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Some interesting cars. As always, buyer beware, "restoration" means different things to different people.

I won't go into specifics either, but know that one car there needs a lot of work to be correct, and probably should be restored correctly to be a great car.

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