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Interesting car picture web site...

Barney Eaton

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WOW!!  Those are some outstanding images AND would have made great cars, if built!!  The '57 Buick looks plenty good enough to have been a Presidential Limo, but that would have had to have been a Cadillac, anyway.  The Cadillac Coronado has some great lines on it!  Plus the '58 Chevy Nomad with the Buick top on it just fits together nicely.  The Lincoln Mark III 4-doors really look neat, as does the stock Continental convertible (rear view with the doors open) is outstanding. 


I did get the pictures to be able to download them after "Click to enlarge" happened.


Thanks for that link, Barney!



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Guest BigDogDaddy

I enjoyed all the pictures. I especially enjoyed the Continental sedans, and I got a kick out of the '53 Buick Skymaster woody wagon.

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