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A thought on trunk solenoid and a couple questions

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What should the rear spindle nuts be torqued to? And does anyone know where a suitable rear hub housing and spindle can be found for the TC, should I want to replace it?

Also, when looking at the trunk release solenoid, it reminded me of something.... The solenoids they use for pinball machines. They make a huge variety for different applications in pinball machines. If you could determine amperage rating, wire gauge, and number of windings, you could probably very easily repair your release with a pinball part!!

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You must be getting ready to pack your rear wheel bearings and hopefully you don't need a spindle.


This is a do it by feel thing, how well you pack the bearings and how much grease you have in the hub will change the way it feels, so when you get close to end of travel turn slow till stop.


Spindles nuts tighten to stop, then you back the nut off about a half turn, or close enough to line up the cotter pin hole, so it's give or take thing and tighten to stop is tighten to end of turn stop, not air impact or breaker bar stop, just stop so everything is tight but the hub still turns free stop.


If you don't have a tool for greasing bearings and you don't know how to pack a wheel bearing by hand, take it to someone who does. This is a touchy feely thing, not the kind of thing you learn from a book. There is probably a U Tube video on how to do this, but the feel of a bearing that needs replacing is something you have to feel to know.


Trunk solenoids, I had the same thought when I was looking for a  replacement and finding one strong enough to do the job, with the right amount of travel, that can be attached to the latch and fit in the hole didn't happen on the first attempt. The solenoid that eventually worked wasn't the only one I brought home from the yard and the one that was a no modification perfect attach to the latch didn't fit in the trunk.

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