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1953 Buick skylark

Guest Thedahmer

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Guest Thedahmer

I'm looking for a 1953 Buick skylark. Doesn't have to be restored, doesn't have to run. Would prefer something original. Let me know what you have. I've searched craigslist and eBay and have not found then one... Thanks

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Nearly every major car auction seems to 

have 1953 and 1954 Skylarks.  Though

production was small, they should be easy

to find today.  I think, because they are so

popular, that most have been restored, so

finding a rough and unrestored one would 

be more of a challenge.


One friend of mine was looking for a '53 in

a specific color, even, and with patience he

got the car in the condition and price range

he was hoping for.

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