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Rhino Coat, Line-X, For Running Boards?


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Has anyone here done this?

I've done an extensive search and found re-vulcanizing running boards to be VERY expensive. However, a lot of people seem to have been using Rhino Coat or Line-X coatings professionally sprayed on with good results. I understand this is not for the purist, but the results I've seen look quite good and stand up very well.

Just wondering if anyone here has tried it and what your results were?


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Actually, if the running board base dictates the shape of the end product, then the results can look exactly like original. One has to do a LOT of sanding to eliminate the rough sprayed on appearance. Once it has been sanded smooth, it looks great. If you don't sand it smooth, it looks bad.

Greg, it looks like your boards have the correct shape. What I'd do is start out with 36 grit and quickly knock down the peaks. Then gradually work your way up to 1500. They will look great if you have the patience to do it.

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