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Front disc brakes 62 Electra

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Just wondering whether the front drum brakes on a 62 Electra can be switched over to discs, and how hard the conversion would be. I am also planning to replace the master cylinder with a dual setup (with a master cylinder and booster from a 67 Riviera.) Is it just a matter of using the front brakes from a later Electra with front discs? Is there fabrication involved or will they just bolt up?


I'm sorry if this thread has come up before. I couldn't find a search function on this site


Cheers and thanks in advance!


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You'll need an adapter plate to mount the caliper and use rotors from a 1/2 ton GMC and calipers from an early Cadillac. Look at the link below for details.


I used this setup on my 65 Electra with the rotors and calipers they recommended. I had to machine the hub on the rotors .060 to allow the wheels to fit. Scarebirds had good techincal support and everything worked fine. The next owner can re-install the drum setup if they like. Nothing is permanently changed.

You cannot just take disc brakes from a later model Buick and bolt them on.


I would not hesitate to do the conversion again.


Good Luck

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Check out an older video on you tube.  Key word search  - scarebird buick disk brake - it's an older V8TV "how to". Watch it.  Then open the website for Scarebird to see what the adapters cost.  This is much easier and way less expensive than purchasing a complete kit because 1) it uses OEM type parts that can be purchased at most any jobber, and 2) it was designed by Buick as a system so you know that all of the parts are compatible.  Scarebird now lists rotors, calipers,  etc from different GM vehicles but when I bought mine, EVERYTHING except front hoses came from the 71 - 76 Buick full sized cars.  You can bolt a '67 RIviera disk / drum master cylinder to your exisitng booster.  All you need to do is do some plumbing for two sets of lines and your brake light switch.


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