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My 30 Model 68 project out of storage


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I have just taken my 30 model 68 project out of storage after about 4+ years.I moved 3 times in those years and retired from the post office. So now i have some time and a 24/40 garage to get back working on this very large pile of parts.Before it went into storage i sold the engine and trans to some people on here that are doing complete restorations on there coupes. My plane then was to do a resto modified with a later buick engine and trans 1958 364ci with a three speed. But now i am more interested in making it into just a nice daily driver.

I have located a 36 buick engine and trans (not sure what series it is yet) that was removed from a coupe and stored 40 years ago. How much trouble will i be getting into installing this set up into my 30 frame,

I will be using the original rear end.

Thanks for any input





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