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Value of a '53 Ford 4 door


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I haven't seen that episode in atleast 15 years and only saw it once but I remember the horn button kept coming out of the steering wheel like a snake.  I've never been fortunate enough to have one come off that easy. ;)  

That was a great show especially growing up in a small town like Mayberry.  I did watch some of the episodes several times.  As I stated before, sometimes you just need a chuckle or light hearted laugh. 

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That's a really nice car!

I think that one WILL tell the rest of the story.




After being suspiciously "sold" for $14,500 and the next highest bid

was $5900, the Ford was put on Ebay again.  For this new auction,

ended August 17, it sold to the highest of 36 bids at $2950.


I guess people were right when they said the first sale was fishy.

Any insights from experienced Ebayers?

You can click the link above to see the latest.

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The original auction's next-highest bid was $5900,

but the seller this time accepted $2950.  If he knew

there were legitimate people who would pay $5000+,

why would he accept only $2950?


To me, this implies that even the $5900 bid could have

been fraudulent.  Maybe the whole first run-up of price

was artificial. 

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